BrackingHead 2 is a captivating game, where you need to put together the puzzle.


- 30 Levels of the game;
- 3 Levels of difficulty;
- Playing on time or number of moves (clicks);
- You can select the size of a puzzle (the number of horizontal and vertical tiles);
- You can upload your pictures;
- Special tips;
- Good sounds;
- You can save the game and settings, and then exit the game.

System Requirements:
WM5 - WM6
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Screen Resolution: QVGA, VGA, WVGA
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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Try this unique and stunning package of 4 different games for your Windows Mobile phone. All the games have original music and amazing graphics, and cool gameplay certainly.


• BlackOut is an addictive arcade game. You must be very prudent and think fast playing this game;

• Burgerama is based on the career development. Your task is to be a good business manager;

• Chukchi Kerling is a Pocket BlockOut’s variety with the kept gameplay of Siberia’s Chukchi;

• Fast Swapper has easy-to-use rules and requires logic actions from you.

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This application is a real brain training game! 20 wonderful, addictive and fun puzzles, each at 5 growing degrees of difficulty. You’ll see that it isn’t only fun, and your brain is challenged by the variety of the game features like Numerical, Verbal, Spatial and Musical. So, try to graduate from Brain School.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This completely insane puzzle will change your perceptions about games forever! 100 levels! It will check your intellect in a world that consists of 4 gravity directions, colored bricks, black holes, transporters and much more... It has built-in practice with 10 additional levels.
Your mission is to clear the field from all colored bricks until the time will come! Good luck!

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Here is a small WM image puzzle game. It requires .NET compact framework 3.5 and has a support for almost all screen resolutions.

Some Features:

- Fresh UI;
- Ability to change the size of puzzles;
- Captivating levels;
- Multi resolution support;
- Options for difficulty;
- Game on time mode;
- Advanced settings;
- Save.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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