Our hero came to the rest with his family. And all that he gets is a fun weekend with fresh blood zombies! It’s not what John Doe had expected…


- Different types of weapons.
- Thousands of zombies.
- Very, very much fights.
- High-quality animation and graphics.
- A lot of bonuses, types of enemies and unexpected surprises in all games.

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You can find that it is Texas Hold'em on steroids! Try to win at the next biggest poker game in the world. It is played such as Texas Hold'em, where each person gets 4 card for creating lots of possible hands and excitement!

Key Features:

- It is possible to plau against 11 players;
- Different game speed;
- Handy viewing of opponents;
- HQ graphics;
- Amazing sounding with on(off) option;
- The best artificial intelligence;
- Statistics;
- Face and nickname;
- Highlights winning cards;
- Other useful options.

OS: Windows Mobile

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Aces Solitaire Pack is a remarkable collection of 15 traditional solitaire games, including Klondike, Spider, Scarf, Yukon and others. It is possible to find your personal and original options for any solitaire. Absolute statistics for the current session is for every solitaire and any game in particular.


- 15 types of solitaire games in 1,500 variations;
- Statistics;
- Sound settings and vibration;
- You can select background;
- Animation.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Resolution: All screens
Setup Type: CAB

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This game takes its beginning from the all-known board game Risk.
Your mission is to beat your opponents and to subjugate the whole world as you outwit the opponents with the help of your strategic craftsmanship and your fortune. Your enemies will be controlled by artificial intelligence or by your buddies and will try to repeat your motions.

Main Features:

- Replay ability;
- Up to 7 enemies;
- Mean AI contenders;
- Save/Load ability;
- Low storage and battery requirements;
- You can install this app to main memory or to your memory card;

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