Wonderland Adventures is the latest firing result to Wonderland Secret Worlds. Trip to extrinsic land with the help of this game application. You will see it’s a magic and protracted experience. Just relax and receive a great pleasure from this adventure quest at a slow pace.

Game’s Features:

- Addictive gameplay;
- Easy-to-use controls;
- Puzzle elements;
- Fascinating 3D graphics.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Wontom Poker is advanced card game poker with the possibility of playing via BlueTooth up to 8 players.

Key Features:

- Single player Texas Hold'em Poker - up to 8 players;
- Multiplayer Texas Hold'em poker - up to 8 players via Bluetooth;
- Texas Hold'em Poker Strategy Guide;
- Pot-Limit and No-Limit game modes;
- Play with your buddies! Bluetooth game sharing (15 hands for free!)

P.S. Rewrite RegisterValidation.dll from folder with crack and the you can enter any 12-digit registration.

Compatibility: PocketPC 2003/2003SE/2005; 240x320/Landscape
Category: Gambling

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You should drop dynamite on the letters by selecting the earth with letters.
Inflame the dynamite when you have created a word and If the word exists it will clear the earth and get more points for you your.

Also you can gather precious jewels and gold to use for multi blow-ups. And when you have enough of them you can clear more letters and get more points.

Go on through more and more difficult levels. In each round you will have less time and more obstacles.

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