This game represents a completely new car racing! Check your dexterity and racing skills in this energetic game with four different locations, four unique cars and 15 unforgettable tracks.

Special Features:

- Great cartoon graphics;
- Four different cars;
- Intuitive controls;
- 15 amazing tracks;
- More than 20 minutes of music from the movie;
- More than 50 sound effects and voices;
- Four different locations;
- Statistics;
- Autosave.

Program’s developers: PDAmill Game Studios
Game is compatible with Pocket PC: Windows Mobile 2003 or later
Genre: Racing

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Nice game, which resembles an old Towers game. You control the basketball player and your goal is to throw the ball in the ring.

Category: Sports
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Shareware

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This game brings a beautiful 3D car race to the screen of your Android device. It uses OpenGL ES for rendering. You receive the amazing competition of speed, which can’t be gifted by the most variety of classical car racing games, because this game has a splendid feature, which is a sensor controlling. Use the orientation sensor to control your favorite automobile.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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