The table for Bar Billiards is a little unusual. Billiard pockets are placed directly on the field, but not at the corners of the table. And the cue ball is located in the so-called D point with each hit.

The main advantage of Pocket Bar Billiards is the possibility of pairing game on one device and through WiFi. Detailed instructions can be found in the supplied document. Archive for download includes manual.

Category: Sports
Platform: Symbian
Version: Shareware

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This is a new and original bike game for Palm devices. One of the best games now in 3D graphics.

Descriptive information:

-Advanced version of the game
-New design levels
-55 new levels available for download
-Background music
-Changeable-appearance bike
-Ability to save and play replays
-Online table-top players

Operating System: Palm.

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Professional pool simulator is a game with different tournaments and career modes.
You can play and become the billiard master of the World.


- 8 ball, 9 ball and straight pool games.

- True ball rotation and true physics.

- Friendly interface.

- AI with 3 difficulties.

- Game statistics.

- Multiple players on one device.

- Different table types.

- Sound and music effects.

- Tournament mode.

- Career mode.

- Winning matches you proceed to final stage and then to CUP.

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Try to compete with the artificial intelligence in Pool and Billiards with this addictive Palm OS application.

Special Features:

• 320x320 and 320x480 resolution support;
• 5-way navigator assistance;
• Custom friendly interface;
• Super-smart opponent;
• Play your favorite games like 9-Ball, 1-Cushion Billiards, 2-Cushion Billiards, 8-Ball (Bar Rules), 8-Ball (BCA Rules), 8-Ball (UK Rules), Pyramid;
• Practice, You vs. Player, You vs. Comp Game Modes;
• Colour choice;
• Enhanced geometrical settings;
• Quick engine;
• Smooth animation even at 50fps;
• Ball moves really;

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