Try the amazing bowling simulator on your pocket phone. Game application is very interesting, because it has 3 different game modes. So, you can only receive an unforgettable pleasure throwing the ball even on your device’s screen.


- Feel a real action in a Stroke Mode;
- Arcade Mode was designed for the pleasing pastime;
- Stroke Mode allows you to figure out your power;
- Perfect sound effects;
- Custom friendly scores table.

Operating System: Symbian OS.

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PDAmill Game Studios introduced a new arcade game Bowling for Burgers for all the fans of bowling. It is an emulator of bowling as the name implies. The game is designed for handheld computers and communicators with the Windows Mobile operating system. The player will compete against the champions in the game, complete all the attributes of bowling. You can play with one another, selecting two player mode.

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You have a great opportunity to play excellent bowling simulator game with 4 different lanes and funny animations.


- Cool graphics.
- Great animations for spares, strikes and misses.
- Two difficulty levels.
- True bowling physics.
- Four lanes to play.

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This game represents the high-stakes horse wagering. It is licensed from the most popular horse racing event called “Super Bowl” - the Breeders' Cup World Championships. Just enter the world of Thoroughbred wagering and claim the title of the most prestige Thoroughbred racing handicapper.

Operating System: Android.

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You can download this unique game without any doubts, because it consists of the most interesting features of Pool, Arkanoid and Bubble Shooter!

Special Features:

- Unique and addictive gameplay;
- Excellent 3D graphics;
- Nice soundtrack and sound effects;
- Ability to take part in the International Bubble Snooker Tournament in the web!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Here is a good darts for smartphones, where you play against the AI. This game has a good gameplay with counting points.

This game was designed for Flash
Status: freeware

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