This game is mad racing in a classic style, which gives you a real time 3D rendering, outstanding graphics and special effects.

Key Features:

- Ultimate racing;
- This game is the most real racing challenge for PDA;
- 3 different cars and 2 hidden cars
- Cars have unique handling characteristics;
- Excellent sounds effects and soundtrack;
- Superb visual images;
- Usage of M3D Engine;
- Accurate lightning effects;
- Detailed animation;
- Replay feature;
- Different views of the camera;
- And much more!

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This amazing game presents you racing on the minimaps in a cartoon style. You can choose from 12 different karts with their cartoon drivers. There are 2 types of games, like championship and single race. 15 dizzying tracks with unusual obstacles. 3 levels of difficulty.

Status: demo version;
Language: English;
Developer: TetraEdge Games;
OS: Windows Mobile.

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Here is a superb addon package for the fans of cartoon racing game called Crazy Kart. This package consists of 6 special addons!

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This racing is one of the best games of this kind. Download it and get the amazing cartoon race on the karts at fantastic routes.

Three game modes are: Championship, which is divided into three laps with different levels of difficulty; Time Attack, where you race against time to improve management skills; and a Quick Race.

Easy-to-use and handy controls with a central joystick and onscreen buttons of gas and brake. This game gives you a never ending gameplay for sure! The entire game consists of five worlds and twelve clearly traced maps.


- Smooth gameplay;

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Show your the most crazy skills of speed on different roads and localities in this breathtaking 3D race game called Crazy Racing Cars 2.0 for pocket Windows Mobile devices. This addictive game has a lot of bonuses and levels of difficulty, so you can easily improve your “rapid” skills with the help of this useful features. Take a part in different competitions and try to win the grand prix! Don’t be surprised, because you will run the race track with a very quick speed during various weather conditions. So, prove that you’re a track master and don’t let the weather to spoil your mood!

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