Be the owner of an indescribable island. You need to equip it with the necessary facilities. Enjoy the unique gameplay and perfect graphics and breathtaking sound of this incredible strategy game for pocket Windows Mobile devices. This game app isn’t inferior to the PC strategy games, because of its all the features.

Main Features:

- Increased performance;
- 3 extra mini games;
- Different types of buildings;
- Many hours of addictive gameplay;
- Amazing graphics;
- Breathtaking sounding;
- Square screen assistance;
- Screensaver mode;

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This amazing game will give you a possibility to explore space in a spaceship. You will discover the exotic star systems, new technologies and forms of life. The playing space is generated in the beginning of the game and never repeats.

Game was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC.
Status: Demo version.
Developer: Astraware Limited.

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This amazing turn-based strategy game will fit all the fans of defense technology, such as tanks. It is specially designed for WM platform.

Your mission is to remove all the alien bases from the area. Don’t miss any threat and buy the most powerful weapon for your favorite tank. Good luck!


- Dig smaller tanks;
- Buy different tanks, because each tank has its own features;
- You can repair tanks;
- Set the angle and power before shooting.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Tankzone 2000 is a 3D tank battle game with different levels and additional attacks of UFO. 3D graphics is very simple, the square and triangular shapes are basically used, but navigation is very realistic and radar allows to see the enemy. Your weaponry is limited by the supply of ammunition. You need to follow the flags, which mark the presence of charge, and recharge your weapon before firing.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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