The Final Battle is a new adventure game about the knights time. You are a young knight, who awakes in a prison cell with amnesia. You need to escape and do different tasks.


- More than 50 locations;
- Excellent graphics;
- Interesting story with lots of digressions;
- Wonderful music and sounds;
- Funny dialogues;
- Set of riddles and puzzles;
- Auto-save;
- Possibility to send the player’s rank to the site for registered users.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: demo version
Developer: CrazySoft

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This game was created to improve your fast thinking and logical skills.

Main Rules:

- You can move only one disc in a time;
- You can’t place the larger disc on top of a smaller disc;
- You can move only the topmost disc.

Game Features:

- This game is areal logical improvement;
- Fast gameplay;
- 6 level with ascending difficult;
- App was made for Pocket PC specially.

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Try to place defensive towers in the right locations to repel the enemy troops and stop the “Chaos”, wicked lord of time, and change the course of major events in human history as a result.

Don’t let the forces of chaos to get to the crystal of time, because you will lose some lives and energy. You receive a monetary reward for every killed opponent. Earned money can be spent on purchase of new towers and their upgrades, and even the transition into the next era.

You need to choose the towers wisely, because the enemies has their various options, like armor, flight, speed, etc.

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