Towers Trap is a real challenge for you from Zone Projects, which is going to test your strategic thinking. Have you ever imagined that you may be the best strategy among all? Now you have the opportunity to prove it!

You protect the front line from enemies attacking your land, and you should use all your skills to stop them in Towers Trap. Unfortunately, a lot of enemies and you can think that your fate is sealed, and you lose the battle ... or probably win? Just do everything you can and prove that you are the best strategist!

Special Features:

- 8 types of enemies;

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The mission here is to defend your land by fighting off hoards of aliens intruding your frontiers. There are eight species of aliens, each with their own special skill. In order to stop these pesky critters you need to protect your gates by erecting towers strategically. There are seven types of tower in Towers Trap, such as sniper, cannon, radar and rocket launcher - and you must figure out the most effective place for each to combat the various threats posed by the intruders.

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Here is an amazing strategy game, which is played in a space. Your mission is to conquer all available planets.

Create the most powerful fleets and then dend them to the mission of capture! Good luck!

.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.1
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.0
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
Pocket PC Square VGA resolution (480x480)
Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240x240)
Pocket PC Square 320x320 resolution
Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)

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You need to build a city (schools, hospitals, factories, etc.). The construction of the city looks like a plan (which is very handy), you can switch to 3D mode and see what you have done and how things are going in the city.

This game app was designed for Flash
Status: free

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Warfare Incorporated 1.0 is interesting strategy game for your Windows Mobile device. It has an unique scenario. You become a witness of future war of different factions for the the resources of the galaxy. You have a possibility to discover planet Icarus with its surprising environment. You need to develop your own strategic and tactical skills to win this difficult competition.

Extra Features of Warfare Incorporated 1.0:

• Infinite gameplay;
• A lot of missions;
• Assistance of multiplayer mode;

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