My Little Tank is an exciting arcade-type shooter. You will pass the exciting levels managing a miniature tank and tracking your way through enemy territory. The path lies through the snowy plains, swamps, steppe and desert. The longer it will be the stronger enemies face you. Many other improvements will help you to build the capacity and firepower of your tank. Smart bombs, life bonuses, increasing speed of the tank, invisible tank, weapon upgrades, freeze bonuses.

Features of this version:

- 80 missions!
- 5 types of enemy tanks;
- 6 types of improvements;

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Battle Dwarves is an arcade strategy in the spirit of Worms, but competitors are angry dwarves in this game. Your task is to choose a unit of troublemakers completely destroy all the enemies.

Key Features:

- 8 armies (each has special features and weapons);
- A large number of locations;
- Multiplayer (up to 4 players simultaneously);
- Good music and sound effects.

Compatibility: WM 2002/2003/5.0/6.0
Interface: English

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Battle for Mars is turn-based strategy, where you can use soldiers, robots and spaceships to defeat your enemy. You will fight in the mountains, forests and sea.

It Includes:

- 17 types of units;
- 6 types of buildings;
- 3 enemy races;
- 6 maps for a quick game;
- 12 maps in campaign.

Version: 1.0.16
System requirements: Android OS
Installation type: APK
Developer: LARVA LABS © 2009
Language: English

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Black Core Logic is a cyberpunk adventure game for Pocket PC handhelds.

It is a dark future. Corporations control all networks. They track every step of all users. No one can feel safe. However, there are rumors about the logical bomb, which can destroy the control of corporations control and free the network again. These rumors are named Black Core Logic.


- Over 100 locations;
- Great storyline;
- Handy stylus controls;
- Excellent intro;
- Save/restore anywhere ability.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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