This game app is of the kinds of Bejewelled games for pocket Windows Mobile devices.

Your task is to collect as many special points as possible by changing the adjacent units, like gears, jewels and bolts. So, make vertical or horizontal sets of three the same units, if you want to earn points. Just choose one unit and then the other identical unit to make them change and to swap them. But nonice, these units must be located nearby. And you must be very attentive and prudent, because they can back to their default locations. Download and try to earn more points with every new attempt!

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This game application for Windows Mobile phones is step-by-step strategy game that allows you to improve your strategic skills during the unforgettable events on the battlefield. Your mission is to keep your lands from the attacks of your opponents.

Special Features:

- 40 various military units;
- Diverse maps;
- 3 game’s modes, like single-player or multiplayer mode, and campaign;
- Save feature;
- You can continue to play your game when you transfer it to your PC or Pocket PC.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This addictive game shows the amazing world of insects from a completely new side. You will see the ants, beetles, spiders and even scorpions in a new capacity. They are not pesky little creatures, but fearless and dangerous fighters. Build your own empire of insects, destroy your opponents. Become a real BugLord!

Key Features:

- 11 types of fighters;
- 15 levels;
- Single player;
- 12 maps for online play;
- 9 landscapes of the game world;
- Eell thought-out artificial intelligence for computer players.

Category: Strategy
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Shareware

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This is the greatest turn-based strategy game for Pocket PC of all the times. This fantasy cards game is great thanks to the unique gameplay.

Special Features:

- Original full-size strategy gameplay;
- You can meet some unique elements at the same time, like build orders, cards based battles, economics, RPG elements;
- Campaign and Duel game modes;
- Multiplayer mode, where you can play via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or in the Internet;
- Excellent music and sound effects;
- Interactive tutorial;
- Comprehensive manual;
- Epic scenario.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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