This RPG is different from the other games, because you will control the main hero and a teacher too. Accordingly, the game is quite unusual for the RPG genre.

You can choose between 28 students. Each of them has the following characteristics:

- Unique features and own history;
- Your student belongs to one of the 13 races;
- Belongs to one of 13 classes;
- Can have more than 150 unique skills.

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This game was designed in the best traditions of Battle Isle game, which give you an opportunity to show the tactical skills. Collect your army and decide, what units will make the game!

All you need is victory, and you can reach this aim only if you destroy all opponent forses! Uncover technological secrets, develop unique protection tactics, and lead your army to victory!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You must arrange guns, tanks and other combat units (you have to buy them for the money), and shoot crowd of toys to get money, you can also set mines.

This app was designed for Flash
Status: free

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