It is freeware application. xWords is software for Windows Mobile devices like crosswords. You need to do an easy operations for its installation. Just copy the dictionary file (BasEnglish2to8.xwd) and enclosed executable file (xwords4_2b6.exe) into the same directory on your pocket device with File Explorer help. Then make double-click on the accomplishable for its start.

Operating system: Windows Mobile.

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This application gives you the final version of the most popular logical word game called xwords. This game is totally free to use!

New Features:

- Localization support;
- Networked phones assistance for play;
- You can use any dictionary, which covers the Unicode wordlists.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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x_Sliver Minesweeper is a new variant of this type of games for Windows Mobile.

Key Features:

- It supports all types of Windows Mobile devices with touch screen;
- Graphics adapts for the screen resolution;
- 3 themes, like blue, olive and silver;
- Multilingual support.

System requirements:
WM5 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 2
Resolution: All screens
Setup Type: CAB
Language: Multilanguage

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Yaht-C is a popular dice game Yahtzee for Windows Mobile phones with a touch screen.
There are still a few errors to be worked out, but it's absolutely playable as it is.


- Fun to play
- Great music
- Screensaver mode

Type: Freeware
Requirements: Windows Mobile devices

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Yahtzee Adventures is a dice-game. Now you have a great possibility to play dice on your PDA. Travel around the world and choose the opponents!! Also you can use several modes of play!

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This application represents well-known dice game for PPC called Yamb. This game is a clone of popular Yahtzee game.

You play this game with 5 dice. It is given 3 rolls for each turn. Use 5 dice for the first roll. You can choose any amount of dice to roll on your other rolls. You need to develop your own style of play and create your own combination after third roll. Then you can write down your scores. Make new turn after the turn and do it until you end the score table, which consists of 4 columns of 12 rows.

Special Requirements: Windows Mobile 5 or higher.

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