Here is three-dimensional simulation of bowling. 6 stylized clubs of bowling with an individual atmosphere. Opportunity to participate in the game for up to 4 players (you can compete with friends or against the computer). Animated characters and musical themes. Table of records to save the results of games.

Status: demo version;
Developer: Omnigsoft;
Compatibility: Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC.

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You will be absorbed in the unforgettable tropical adventure with frantic action gameplay, if you choose this game!

You get to the island of volcanic origin instead of vacations and cruise on the ocean. Be careful, this island is packed with ghosts and huge mazes. Only quick feet and excellent reaction will help you to stay alive!

Key Features:

- Unique and eternal gameplay;
- Each new maze is generated with no repeat;
- Stunning exotic soundtrack;
- Mysterious design;
- Graphics is full of details and content;
- Rapid action;
- Increasing challenge of any new level.

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Here is an old good Reversi game, which is available on your smartphone now. 3D view gives some unusual view and novelty to the game. You must try to win as many cells as possible on the board.

The game was designed for Flash
Status: Free

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Improve your skills and intellect with this unlimited game pack, which can challenge you for a long time. Be patient and you will fluke.

Game Features:

- Fully-working demo version
- Over 130 layouts
- Show free tiles option
- Background colors
- Detailed statistics
- Top scores board
- Game information
- Save/Load game
- Auto-resume last game
- Two tile-sets
- Two difficulties
- Five tile sizes
- JPEG backgrounds support
- Games filter
- Games quick preview
- Animation effects
- Game timer
- High-quality sound support
- Customizable tool bar

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4Elements is a good space strategy for smartphones. You have to play for one of the four races, which landed on a planet in deep space with a mission of production of four new elements, like Sidium, Denium, Ferium and Gerium.

Your task will be development of base, construction of various ground and flying units, mining resources, trade with other races, energy production, and of course fight for survival, according to classics of the genre.

Special Requirements:

- 2MB of storage;
- Devices of Series 60 3rd Edition.

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4Elements is an economic strategy. Your mission is to develop on one of given planets, collect resources, build an army to fight with other nations and eventually win. You will do it to make the planet free for all civilians in the universe!

This game was designed for Symbian 9.x S60
Status: demo version
Developer: Pocket Torch

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