Our hero came to the rest with his family. And all that he gets is a fun weekend with fresh blood zombies! It’s not what John Doe had expected…


- Different types of weapons.
- Thousands of zombies.
- Very, very much fights.
- High-quality animation and graphics.
- A lot of bonuses, types of enemies and unexpected surprises in all games.

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Here is a well drawn flash game, where you play as a beetle and fly on parachutes from a dandelion. You must fly around the birds and collect various bonuses along the way.

This game was designed for Flash
Status: freeware

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Reveal yourself against the animals and danger obstacles in sinister forests, colorful fields, enigmatic stone objects, wilderness and other locations in this amazing addictive game. Classic game’s conseption is refreshed with surprising graphics, nice animation, fresh gameplay and various scenes.

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A Viking Saga is a free trade and adventure strategy. Your mission is to win royal elections. You must do it after you and your team get good reputation with the help of exciting adventures and tasks. So, get ready for a lot of surprises during the game, which gives you e xcellent graphics and good gameplay.

Category: Strategy
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Freeware

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