This useful Windows Mobile app is a freeware service software for navigation and search functions. It includes a big number of maps like an aerial photo in North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Africa and Asia. You can use 3D maps, seek for needed interests of any location, use the satellite views and more.

Other Features:

- View the highways and points of intersection of your route;
- View the most update streets, roads and institutes;
- Advanced zoom view;
- Urban and rural navigating information is available;
- Rotate any map;

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This is freeware GPS software. And it is easy-to-use Geocaching applicaton for Windows Mobile 6/6.1 phones. This program can talk to you. It also covers a range and relocates to the cache site. This feature can be especially useful in regions where the activity is very high. This program is your good assistant if your phone in your pocket. Just use headphones and listen to the guiding voice!

OS: Windows Mobile 6/6.1

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This application is from that kinds, when you don’t need to introduce it! This useful software has very advanced GPS features, and it allows you to get any direction, map, forecast, movie event, etc.


- More intuitive GPS features;
- More robust features of search!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can share your online location with your friends or with the other websites and online services with the help of helpful service called Fire Eagle. And you can update your current location to Fire Eagle with bLADELocate application for Windows Mobile users.
In other words, you have a great ability to update your location with this app.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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You can use this program to have a visual connect with the whole world using your BB device! It works with device’s GPS to locate users and their contacts on the move online.

- You can locate yourself with a live scalable map;
- View all your active buddies;
- Website map for one view for all contacts;
- You need to create a free account on;
- Then you enter your phone number and original license key;
- Communicate and enjoy!

OS: BlackBerry.

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City Advisor is a platform for navigating the public transport cities in the world. It offers a variety of search services. This is a trial version, it contains a map of Paris. You can find the other. Just read the .txt file inside of the archive for download. The program has a graphical, finger friendly interface.

System requirements:
WM5 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 2
Setup Type: CAB

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