This GPS utility is not a usual speedometer. This program measures the speed of your car by using the obtained data from satellites (minimum number of which is 4). And you must have an internal or external (Bluetooth) GPS-receiver to use this useful utility.

Special Features:

• Analog and digital display;
• Changes the maximum speed;
• Velocimetry is in km/h or miles/h;
• Automatically determines the integrated GPS-receiver;
• Displays additional information, like latitude, longitude, altitude and satellites;
• The device doesn’t disable while the program is running;

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Here is a WM freeware application, which will fit persons who like mountain biking, cycling, skiing, hiking, running or just walking. This amazing program give you statistics in real time (for example, atlitude, speed, distance, etc.) and data for further analysis.


- Speed rates;
- Altitude rates;
- Time rates;
- Distance;
- Zoom for track view;
- GPS support;
- Elevation profile;
- Waypoints with pictures;
- Track saving;
- Advanced power management.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This application is small, but very useful. It fits all modern Windows Mobile phones. It is designed as Today Screen plugin. It allows you to view the following data:

- Geographical coordinates;
- Speed;
- Course;
- Even some info about sputniks;
- Exact time and date;
- The status of your battery.

This application can be your best assistant in a daily routine, because it is an advanced and powerful individual informer!

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This software will be your best assistant, because it offers you the advanced GPS informer. GPS2day is a powerfool tool (Today Screen plugin) for pocket WM devices.

This smart program displays the current coordinates (latitude, longitude), direction and speed, some information about the satellites, the exact current date and time time with an atomic clock of a satellite, state of the battery (it is important when using GPS).

Special Requirements: Windows Mobile OS 5 and later.

Language support: English, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, German, Spanish.

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This is a simple program, which allows to find the marked GPS position. For example, you went to the woods for a walk with bad guide, but you left a point in the start. The program indicates the direction of this point and the distance to it.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Additional Requirements: GPS
Setup Type: CAB

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