This program is a very easy-to-use GPS speedometer for your pocket WM device. It allows you to know how quick you are moving while on a metro, tram,bus, etc. even in case when you can not see the current speedometer. Application runs on any Windows Mobile device with a GPS feed.

Extra Features:

- Adjustable background colors;
- Day and Night color themes;
- Portrait or Landscape modes support;
- You can navigate between the screens.


Windows Mobile OS, NET Compact Framework 3.5.

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hdSpeedo - This is a useful GPS-speedo.


- Finger-friendly interface;
- Move with gestures between the working screen and the Setup screen of the program (4 screens in total);
- Select a background color, text, buttons;
- Day and night modes;
- Select the unit of speed measurement;
- Statistics is stored in the /My Documents/hdSpeedo file;
- App records the error log;
- App displays the maximum speed.

You can save a trip to the KML file, which can be uploaded to Google Earth.

The program uses the SQL compact edition 3.5

System requirements:

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This app gives you a possibility to use an integrated HTC FM radio and Experia, thereby you receive TMC (traffic alerts). You can automatically unite them on the navigation prog, like Route 66 or Navigon. You do it in order to calculate routes again with avoidance of traffic jams. Program also supports for GNS scan down.

Special Requirements: Windows Mobile 6 OS.

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App gives any data for current temperature and current weather in iPhoneToday as an icon. You’re able to display up to 5 days forecast by taping on an icon well configured in iPhoneToday.

For day forecasts, it displays the higher temperature and RealFeel higher temperature, and for night forecast, it displays the lower temperature and RealFeel lower temperature.

Special Requirements:

- iPhoneToday app;
- MortScript;
- Windows Mobile OS.

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LiteTrack is a software for GPS-tracking.


- Tracker Location;
- Recording of Tracks;
- Processing of Tracks;
- Views Tracks;
- Widgets;
- Scanner of Satellites.

System requirements:
WM5 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Screen resolution: VGA, WVGA
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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Map Calibrator is a program-satellite for GPS Tuner. You can work with GPS Tuner cards on a desktop computer.

Some Features:

- Calibration (binding) of cards;
- The breakdown of large maps into smaller pieces;
- Getting of set of maps in the output and data about their calibration;
- Saving of cards in GTM format.

Status: free
Developer: Megalith

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This software can solve your painful problems, which are connected with map viewing. Specifically, this application gives you an opportunity to view any map regardless of the size. And it can also fit you, if you want to view any picture of high resolution.

Some Features:

- This program works very fast and reliably;
- Advanced zoom features;
- Qualitative decoding;
- Support for any resolution of the screeen;
- ARM optimization;
- Thumbnail view;
- Memory card browser with advanced features.

Operating System: Palm.

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Program called Marathon helps you to trace your movement with the GPS-receiver features. It can be your perfect assistant for sporting actions like skiing, running, cycle racing or ice skating.

Extra Features:

• You receive an announce of different statistics in the speaker or headset while sporting activity;
• Use generic time based goal or past records to develop yourself;
• Information records are: time, speed, distance, altitude change;
• Track’s map;
• You can compare your results with the other Marathon users.

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