This WM app will help you to keep track the movement thanks to a GPS-receiver.

Extra Features:

- It declairs different stats in the speakers or headset;
- Generic time-based tasks and previous recordings;
- It can record various info, like distance, time, speed and change of atlitude;
- Diagram viewing;
- Internet uploading of thr results.

Special Requirements:

- GPS receiver;
- WM 5 or later.

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Here is an app, which uses Free Aenext Tickit Cinema API, what provides GPS/Cell data related motion picture information, showtimes and local theaters on Android-powered phones.

Main Features:

- App provides motion pictures detail info in local theaters;
- Showtime schedule for 7 days;
- Sorting by rating, genre, release;
- App remembers your recent places;
- UK, US and Canada support.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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MobileMagic activates automatic G rotation for any program. You can adapt any events, restrict the auto rotation of screen for specific apps. But you should have .NET compact framework 3.5 installed for this to run.

Buttons and Events that can be assigned to actions:
- Rotation of your device triggers special actions (Eg FaceDown turns screen of)
- Stylus In/Stylus Out
- Power button (short)/Power button (long)
- Volume Up/Volume Down
- Take Call (1 to 3 times)
- Backspace (1 to 3 times)
- Hang Up (1 to 3 times)
- GPS Fix Found/GPS Fix Lost

Actions that can be assigned:

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Here is a freeware WM app, which works with a GPS to allows to monitor location and distraced driving.

Some Features:

- Street Tweet;
- Driver Distraction Warnings;
- Geofencing;
- High Speed Warnings.

Special Requirements:

- Windows Mobile 5 and later;
- Twitter account or data plan and email;
- All vehicles.

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“NaviComputer” is a pocket PC app to handle Offline GPS Maps on Windows Mobile. The best part of this program that it gives you ability to download maps with the built-in PC Program “NaviMapper”, which means NO data plan needed once the maps are on your device.

Following maps are supported: Google Maps; Google Sattelite; Google Terrain; Open Street Map; Open Street OSM; Yahoo Map; Yahoo Satellite; Virtual Earth Map; Virtual Earth Satellite; Virtual Earth Hybrid.

Also, with help of this program you can:

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