“PhoneFinder Pro” is a protection system that permits you to manage your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 based devices distantly. Now, using any e-mail client or SMS skilled phone you can simple send your password along with key words to control your device. If your mobile phone has a fixed GPS receiver you will be able to distantly track your phone, retrieve lost contact information, owner information and much more.

“PhoneFinder” has a lot features:

- The major use is to turn on your Phone's ringer distantly so you can find it in the house.

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This software is a GPS based lap timing application for WM devices. You can use it to measure lap times on almost any vehicle and track. It can also be used to measure laptimes, for example for motorbikes, bicycles, cars, water jets and quadbikes.

The Latest Improvements:

- Better look of interface;
- Better and simplified touchscreen use;
- Removed “add trap here” in route view;
- Support for importing NMEA files was fixed;
- Support for NMEA was fixed, where RMC or GGA is less frequent than the other (fixes at least one WM bug).

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Navmi is a GPS application for sporting activities.


- Tracking of time and distance;
- Auto pause;
- Automatic recording of “circle”;
- Record of “circle” in manual mode;
- Displays maps (including cached);
- Displays speed and height;
- Several options for different sports;
- Diary of training (including records, maps, photos and diagrams);
- Integration with runsaturday.com;
- Exports tracks to KML and GPX.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6
Additional Requirements: GPS
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: navmi

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