Here is a simple program, which uses GPS and a digital speedometer. The data is displayed in kilometers or in miles.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th edition
Status: freeware
Developer: Offscreen Technologies Ltd

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SpeedTracker is designed and tested like an experiment Marathoner. This app is dedicated to on-road and off-road Sport practice.
It is directly accessible from your finger tip, Cycler, Runner, Roller, so you can find a set of selected options to plan, control and handle workout sessions.
And finally SpeedTracker offers a easy but efficient way to attain your goals during training and competition episodes.


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This useful Windows Mobile program is a Google Reader client for your pocket phones.

You can interact with your Google Reader account in a more particular way than using the Internet based version. So, you can perform all needed actions, if you use your Twitter account. This app also allows you to enter the considerably longer Tweets.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Trailcompanion is GPS Application for trekking/walking.

Trailcompanion is a pocket PC program for GPS-enabled Windows mobile phones that permits you to track your way off-road. This application will help you to record your path, to save your waypoints, to follow different routes and to replace them with Google Earth. Trailcompanion designed to be lightweight, speedy and battery-save, so you can easily enjoy a full daytime of trekking.

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This application can be your good assistant when you’re on the road, because it allows you to avoid local police and speed traps. It provides a method of audio and visual alerts. Program works with your inner GPS and shows a map, which consists of all necessary data from the base of numerous users.

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