Everyone can have a two way communication Pocket PC device which is handy for short range transmissions. So, you can have it, too! It is very easy with program called 4Talk. You create a mini walkie talkie network by pairing the several number of Pocket PCs. 4Talk uses Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. You can use created network as long as your device has an IP address and your net is configured.

Key Features:

• Program has 16 independent channels and separate Emergency channel;
• Microphone Lock;
• You can see who is online and the information about the channel;
• Full Duplex Mode;

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Get to the next level with the development of Windows Mobile software. Is Parlingo not for you? So, choose AIM version 2.0 in that case!

Add all your twitter and facebook accounts with the help of this app. You will have an useful possibility to tab through your online friends using just one application. This utilite is free!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Here is a special file manager for Android platform. This project will help to browse folders and files. It has a lot of facilities.

Key Features:

- You can list fles/folders;
- Advanced sorting options;
- Open file;
- Support for APK install;
- Support for (de)archiving;
- Multiple selection support;
- Advanced operations with files/folders;
- Tip of the day;
- Much more.

Operating System: Android.

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You can receive the most solid program for the spam protection. All you need to do is just download it!

Now, you need no tricks, hacks and redirection settings to be totally protected!


- App is easy-to-use. You need no config;
- No subscription fees;
- Program is very effective and unobtrusive;
- You’ll never meet the spam again. It reacts rapidly!

Operating System: BlackBerry 4.1 or higher.

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You can fast download the data about "America's Army" player acccount with the help of this Windows Mobile application. Fill out the application form by standart way (enter username and passcode) to see “Experience required for next level” and “Honor” data. Want you see other information? It is very easy. Just perform an additional click to see Training, Tours, Personal Jacket, etc.

Program Installation:
Extracted to a temporary folder zip file has only one file (ArmyStats.exe). So, you copy it to the device’s start menu and run it.

Operaying System: Windows Mobile.

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