Here are the pluses of this program: it keeps you away from your phone, it let’s you drive safer, it notifies you, it makes you feel like you are not waiting and killing your time at all.
With help of Connecting Notifier you will fill a short vibration each time your outgoing call gets picked up. And finally, it's free to download and it takes only 8 KB.

This app is presented for both the Samsung PocketPCs and Smartphones including the Omnia, Epix, Blackjack II, Jack and Propel Pro.

- Reduces chance of damage to the brain from extreme radiation.

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This little tool can solve a problem, that can catch anyone. This progam checks your sync connection to find some bugs and fix them. It can also help you in case of established connection that doesn’t work correctly.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Here is a special utility, which gives you a possibility to download a lot of content from a remote server, what allows you to use the received data later.

These tools aren’t made to be used for single time, because it can be run by applications like MapDroyd or WikiDroyd.

Special Requirements: Android device.

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This software is a Titanium plug-in. You can get to open the TweetDeck for Mobile devices using PockeTwit. This useful program for Twitter users also allows you to update the status.

Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.5
Developer: JukEboX Graphic Designs.
License: Freeware.

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