Do you have any need in an advanced Twitter client for your mobile device? You can download this application in this case, because it will fit you perfectly.

Key Features:

• Built-in option to upload photos to a website, which is dedicated to serving UberTwitter clients;
• You are able to optionally update your GT status with the last tweet;
• Auto-update of your location. It is based on the cell tower data, which is provided by your device. It is required no GPS hardware;
• You can send any video, which is embedded in the tweet;

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This software was designed to allow the Android-powered devices to connect to Cisco such as VPN concentrators.

Special Requirements:

- Tun module (you can find it in archive for download);
- /dev/tun file;
- A cisco, nortel or freeswan ipsec server for connection;
- Root user privileges on the pocket device;
- Android OS.

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xWeb is a full multi-threaded server for Windows CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices.

- HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 compatibility.
- Common Gateway Interface (CGI) support.
- Fully customizable.
- Compatible with all web browsers.
- Multi-threaded, high-performance operation.

It requires Windows CE 2.11 or higher

Name: Albert Wdowiak
Serial: 62883413

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