Here is a freeware application, which is a small utility that allows you to:

- wake up,
- shut down,
- reboot,
- log off

from your desktop computer on the network with the help of your WM handheld device.

Special Requirements:

- Wake-On-Lan enabled on home computers;
- Wi-Fi on Windows Mobile;
- WM local network must be the same to PC network;
- Allow http traffic on Port 7777;
- Obtain MAC address.

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This application offers you Wikipedia and other wikis for you pocket phone.

Key Features:

- Fast workability;
- Wiki content access;
- Multilanguage (over 150 languages);
- Alternative wikis support;
- Nice picture rendering;
- Interface settings;
- Advanced search widget.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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WeatherBug can be called one of the best weather managers. User receives clock weather updates, satellite imagery, detailed forecasts and much more with WeatherBug.

App Features:

- Display of current events;
- Forecast for 7 days;
- Photos from satellites.

This application was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 Smartphone
Status: Shareware
Developer: WeatherBug

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This app is a fast and convenient web browser. It uses Pocket Internet Explorer to display the web pages.

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WeFi for Pocket PC is the best software for finding and connecting to wireless networks with your windows mobile device. With WeFi, you always get the optimal WiFi connection, while keeping the battery consumption to a minimum. The WeFi software provides you with an intuitive and aesthetic user interface to manage your WiFi connection and allows you to automatically launch application once such connection is found.

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