The program will give you a complete picture of the Formula 1 championship in 2010.

It contains information about the routes of the championship, teams, pilots, the results of the Grand Prix. It is updated via the Internet.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6
Resolution: All screens
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: DeepWeb Internetsolutions
Language: Multilanguage

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Facebook 1.1 is an official application for Windows Mobile.
Microsoft upgraded Facebook Marketplace to 1.1 (formerly

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This program is a new free-running Facebook application. This freeware Facebook soft has five various tabs:

• Home. You always know your News Feed and any Updates with this tab;
• Profile. View your own or someone’s Wall, Info and Photos;
• Phonebook. Call any of your Facebook friends;
• Friend. It is a list of all your friends and their activity;0
• Inbox. See your Inbox/Outbox/Notifications/Requests with this tab.

Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.

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This application is a very easy-to-use calculator for Farmville of Facebook. It operates everything by simply:

- Count the time of your next attendance;
- View the best three crops for you;
- It always asks you for your size of plantation;
- App calculates everything you want.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This amzing mobile browser was designed by the Firefox creators. And you can use all features of Firefox on your Windows Mobile phone. Fennec's custom interface controls are rebuilt to be CSS based totally. This program assists Add-ons (for example, Twitter add-on).

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Facebook chat is an important feature of the public experience. And it is missed on many Windows Mobile versions of Facebook applications. Fim 2.2.7 presents the general messaging characteristic to your pocket mobile device. It also has an integrated browser, status upgrates feature, possibility to upload pictures and videos and other useful options.

The latest changes:

• You can switch screen to full screen mode by double clicking on top bar;
• There are new corrected notifications;
• Login error messages were corrected;
• Auto loaded chat history;

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The latest version 2.3 of well-known WM Facebook Chat app called Fim is available for your use. The latest improvements are the “Add to Contacts” function and Facebook notifications to popup.

Extra Features :

- Facebook Chat;
- Integrated Internet Browser;
- You can upload images and videos with your pocket device;
- Updates of your Status;
- Chat Notifications;
- Facebook Notification Indicator is available;
- Unread Messages Indicator;
- App supports all the screen resolutions;
- Finger-friendly interface;

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