You can use this freeware useful program with Windows Mobile 6 operating sytem. It has a great functionality. Google Maps v3.0 has Latitude. Other features are: My Location, driving directions, business listings, street view, live traffic, transit & walking directions.

You can with Google Latitude next:
You always know about your friends location and you can contact them rapidly. Also it provides complete control over your privacy.

The Latest Improvements:

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This application is designed to let you to send sms through the 3G connection. This program is a freeware software. You have a possibility to send a free sms, if you’ve not bad data plan.

Special Features:

- App is totally free;
- SMS sending with the3G data connection;
- Friendly interface;
- Connection to Google thriugh SSL;
- Support for signature;
- You can send sms to multiple persons at the same time.


- Windows Mobile 6 and later;
- .NET Compact Framework 2.0;
- Google Voice account.

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This beta application is a Google Voice dialer for Windows Mobile users. And notice, gVo 0.30 Beta can be your best solution of Google Voice dialer, because Google company has no release of official version.

Extra Features:

- Choose dials and contact;
- Enter in a non-contact number and dials;
- VGA support;
- Landscape support is limited;
- Skin support is limited, but you can easily change sounding and graphics;
- SMS/CallBack/Inbox/Voicemail are Google online functions;
- Method of the Calling Card;

Application runs with the Windows Mobile platform.

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ICQ Mobile brings you all the best features of ICQ from your PC to your windows mobile phone. Its a free pocket pc software

* Chat with everyone, everywhere using mobile chat
* Get friends status updates on mobile
* Log in quickly and easily
* Manage your Contact List

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