You can use the chromatic instrument tuner in real time even on your Pocket PC. It is possible with application called 4Pockets Auto Tuner. You need next requirements:

• 206Mhz or ARM/XScale processor;
• 32 Mb memory;
• 1Mb free storage space.

Key Features:

• You can easy tune any instrument;
• Program detects any note automatically;
• Analogue Meter. You can use it for exact tuning;
• Harmonic error recovery;
• Frequency Spectrum;
• Accuracy is about +/- 0.005% at 1Khz;
• Variable trigger levels. You can remove background noise with them.

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Avatar is a picture dial-up program with the smooth scrolling and low storage footprint. This program is very easy-to-use:

- Fillip to roll among your contacts list. But notice, contacts without photos aren’t viewed;

- Click on avatar to view details;

- Tap-and-hold on an avatar to make a call using that contact’s “smart property”.

Special Features:

- Low storage footprint;
- VGA, QVGA, WVGA, WQVGA, Square Screen support;
- Program supports AppToDate;
- Scrolling is an ultra-smooth;
- iContact and iDialer integration;

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This smart PDA player was developed to give a possibility to load and play any (non)protected AXMEDIS object. These objects includes digital resources, which are played by:

- HTML player with audio, pictures, text;
- MPEG-4 player with audio, video, pictures, text and BIFS assistant;
- SMIL player with text, audio, video.

It can make out links and internal resources.

Other Features:

- Play timed audio/video with play/stop/pause/fast forward/fast backward/... functions;
- Play visuals with zoom/resize/etc. functions;
- It has a full support for AXMEDIS DRM and protection;

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