Now you can watch the best Internet TV on your mobile phone or PC with the Channer the World TV tuner. This app runs through Wi-Fi or 3G.


- You can watch best World TV channels: news, music, weather, sports and entertainment 24/7.
- Modernized 300 channels, and daily revised.
- Huge variety of selected channels, structured by categories.
- Riddle to find a channel by "category", "country" or "language", or by typing its name directly.
- Cooperate with a channel posting live comments.
- Form your list of much loved channels.
- 24/7 streams presented around the world.

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This program introduces an easy-to-use sinewave synthesizer for WM devices to you. This synthesizer is triggered by a customary sequencer with 12×9 step. You can use it anywhere and anytime, because it emulates pleasant ToneMatrix.


- Use your finger to click on different bubbles;
- Clear the screen with left, right, up, and down;
- You need to press Enter if you want to exit.

Requirements: Flash7, Windows Mobile OS.

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This is a minimalistic music player. It is very small. TopPlayer is displayed in a minimized state in the upper left corner.

System requirements:
WM6 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 2
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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Do you like Guitar Hero? Now you have a great possibility to enjoy a real lookalike of this program using your pocket Windows Mobile device. It is the latest version of Touch the Music app with advanced graphics that allows you to play the entire song. Program supports VGA, QVGA, WVGA, WQVGA screen resolutions.

The Latest Improvements:

- Refreshed graphics!
- Pause ability;
- Vibration Feedback;
- Scoring method is updated.


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This program is a social music player app, which presents its users connectivity in music with lyrics via Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Key Features:

- Updates for playlist selection with blip technology;
- Bluetooth wireless compatible;
- Android Home Screen widget;
- Interactive Music Maps;
- Subtitles for video and music.


- Android OS 1.5

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