This application represents chord reference of the amazing musical instrument called ukulele. The developer designed this app after ukulele buying. Download this smart application and try your skills in writing the music. Enjoy!

Special requirements: Windows Mobile OS, .NET Compact Framework.

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Here is a video service for video downloading and sharing for Android, PC, and Global Network. This app enables users to search, play and download videos from well-known video sharing sites on their mobile phones. Besides, any user can share local/online video files to buddies with VideoBox service.

Key Features:

- Search for video web sites, like Vimeo, DailyMotion, YouTube, etc. with keywords;
- Online play;
- Download to mobile device;
- Possibility to share videos;
- You can push online video to your handheld device from desktop PC.

Special Requirements:

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This useful app is like a good old fashion tape recorder. It provides the “true tape” mechanism. You can to time stretch your recordings with the help of this application. It can be a great solution in reviewing of lectures, seminars and more. You can sample and slow the music down to practice any guitar’s solo if you’re the musician.

Special Features:

• Sample rates are: 16 bit 8,11,22,32 and 44Khz;
• Compression ranges 2K/s to 22K/s;
• Overwrite/append possibility with the “true tape” mechanism;
• Cut/Copy/Paste/Fade In/Fade Out functions;
• Time Shifting;

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