Here is advanced audio player for PDA.

Key Features:

- Support for MP3/OGG/WMA/ASF/WAV formats;
- It displays the VU-Meter, Equalizer Spectrum, Oscilliscope;
- Edit function and save the playlist;
- Support for MP3-, OGG-, WAV- playlists;
- Set of hardware buttons to control the player;
- Sleep timer;
- Special effects, like Surround, Bassboost, Reverb, Echo;
- You can change the playback speed;
- Support for ID3 Tag lyrics, LRC-, TXT-files;
- HTTP streaming (MP3/Ogg Vorbis).

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It was the first and most workable WM software that can download or stream any online video from the websites of YouTube’s type. W.V.D. Web Video Downloader also assists sites with spicy content for adults.

Extra Features:

• This app is compatible with a lot of the most popular sites;
• It can perform a search function by the keywords or categories, search results are supported by detail or thumbnail;
• Thumbnail animation is supported to preview video files;
• Many video formats are supported with this app;
• You can stream or download videos from the Internet sites.

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XnView Pocket is an excellent free program to view photos and images in a large variety of formats. Also, it is fit for processing, slide shows, etc.

Supported formats:

• Reading: Jpeg / Jfif, Gif, Bmp, Png, 2bp, Tif, Pcx, Pbm, Pgm, Ppm, Pnm, xbm, xpm, Tga;
• Record: Jpeg, Gif, Bmp and Png.

Viewing Features:

- 5 modes, such as reduced images, list, detailed, like film frames, fullscreen;
- Zoom, automatic adjustment of the screen size;
- Use of favorites for easy navigation;
- Viewing of the attributes of files, exif and iptc data.

Correction Features:

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This media player fits any high-usage audio/video formats. It also has a support for Live Radio. You can watch any video in full screen mode on the go, listen to your favorite music. In addition, you’ll be always notified about the latest news and events!

Main Features:

- Support for: mp3, m4a, avi, mp4, 3gp, wma, amr, mid, wav;
- Full screen support;
- Advanced playlist settings and management;
- Shuffle function;
- Forward and Rewind functions;
- Skin support;
- It can run in background mode;
- It doesn’t depend on battery practically.

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Need a powerful RSS reader? So, you can try this amazing application called YomoMedia on your pocket device. And you’ve a great possibility to get the latest news, blogs, video and audio podcasts. So, detect and discover only needed content with this useful app.

Special Features:

- Huge package of news and media;
- Content browser;
- User-friendly interface;
- Lists are managed by you;
- Update system;
- Internet app to Sync with PPC app;
- Fast to update;
- You can view the usage of memory;
- Twitter integration.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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