You can calculate your monthly payment with the help of this Windows Mobile software, which is advanced loan calculator.


- Enter your loan amount, interest rate and term in months;
- Then press on Amortization, if you want to know your full amortization of the advance over the full term;
- Use the Curtailment box to see how fast you can pay your advance off.

Screen Support:



- .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher;
- Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 6.1, 6.5.

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SimpTimer is a countdown timer for WM phones.
* Shows up to 6 timers depending on screen resolution and orientation
* Fullu customizable alarm sound
* Support for VGA, square screen, and landscape modes.

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SmartphoneNotes is a powerful text notes organizer for Windows Mobile smartphones. It is possible to easily create text notes and manage them directly on the smartphone, and synchronize them with Microsoft Outlook ® on your desktop PC with the help of this useful application.

Main Features:

- Create, edit and delete text notes on your smartphone. You can save them directly to the device’s memory or memory card;
- Notes organization into categories and background colors;
- Protect for sensitive information with a password;

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This application was created to listen to a some text message. SmartPhone Tracker wakes up, switches mobile phone’s GPS on and uses a lock after the SMS receiving. Its next step is sending text message or (and) email with a link to Google Maps with exact location of your device and accurate GPS coordinates. SmartPhoneTracker sends the approximate Cell Tower locus in case of no GPS response for 5 minute.

Special Features:

• It works in a background mode;
• It has Yahoo, Google and WindowsLive Maps format assistance;
• Distant operation by SMS Code;

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A mathematical program with paper-like interface and multiple computing features, with integrated mathematical reference book.
SMath Studio is not just a professional calculator, it's also quick and user-friendly. SMath Studio's advanced interface helps you solve complicated math calculations and procedures.
Key features:
- Data export to HTML format;
- 2D and 3D plot creating;
- Numeric and symbolic calculations;
- Matrices, vectors, fractions etc.
- Ability to save MathCad files (in .xmcd file-format);

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