This nice pocket freeware application was developed by nemoid from xda-developers and named Birthday2Calendar aka B2C.

It is suported option to to add the birthday and anniversary date for contacts in this freeware application like in the contact field of Windows Mobile contacts list. And it is automatic add of this information to Birthday2Calendar for Windows Mobile.

Notes: This will generate repeating event from the run-date forward. The reapiting date will begin this year (in case of passed event) or next year.

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This program lists the birthdays from the Contacts app with chronology keeping. And It reads the birthdays from the Contacts app. You can easily find the individual birthdays in the birthday’s list with the help of the integrated search option. The birthday’s list automatically updates when Birthdays app switches to foreground.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Manage effectively your handwritten Notes, Tasks and Contacts.
* Convenient TREE view and Sub-Notes.
* Quick Move between next and previous linked Notes.
* Linking together the whole information by Subject.
* Note's type images help you quickly identify your items.
* BizOrg features include different background styles, fonts, preview of notes and more.
* Note Types (Email, Fax, Calls, Meetings, Appointments, etc.).
* Great Contact management. Easy assign contact to your Notes.

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Application called bLADEWikiToday is a Today Screen Data Capture thing for your use on your Windows Mobile phone. It doesn’t take you several seconds to launch this app. Just enter needed text in the box and click on OK. You need to choose the path of the text addition (to a file/Note) in “Options” from the Today screen control panel. The notes app launches when you tap on the icon.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This software is an extra application, which consists of 970 audio eBook titles. It has advanced search features, which allows you to search by book title or author name.

It is required 'BeanDLL.dll' file and the runtime files for Visual Basic. You can find this files in the archive for download.


- Visual basic runtime files;
- BeanDLL.dll file;
- Windows Mobile OS.

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This application gives you a possibility to have a freeware Bible reader right on your Android device.

Main Features:

- Several translations;
- Parallel commentary viewing;
- Advanced text searching;
- Verse lookup;
- Custom preferences;
- Bookmarks;
- Personal notes.

Operating System: Android.

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Techparaiso contain the calculator from the HTC HD2. This application sustains scenery and portrait mode and is accessible for all resolutions.

There are two separate editions offered: one for the memory card and the other for the main memory. They have also released the OEM descriptions for chefs via Pocketnow.

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CalliGrapher is an application, which recognizes natural handwriting and supports any style of words writing (inclined, straight or mixed style).

Special Features:

- Improved Write Pad Soft Input Panel (SIP);
- User friendly interface;
- Seamless integration in most Pocket PC applications without problems;
- Built-in spell checker with user-extensible vocabulary;
- Full 24-digit customizable on-screen keyboard with 13 predefined layouts for 10 Western European languages;
- Auto-filling;
- Preset dictionary editor;
- Auto-corrector;
- Statistical analyzer;

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