Cash Organizer ' 05 Premium is a management utility for your finances. You just need to add and save your transactions and bills. Basing on this the app generates different reports for viewing the budget and the expenses. Also you plan your expenses in advance and these can be synchronized with MS Money and Quicken.

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Status: demo version

CEdit is an easy-to-use text editor for programmers and webmasters. It allows you to comfortably edit many types of text sources (C #, C + +, Java, HTML, XML, PHP, etc.) directly on the Pocket PC PDAs. The main advantages of CEdit are syntax highlighting and keywords.

Key Features:

- Syntax highlighting;
- Support for files of Visual C #, Visual Basic. NET, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C + +, eMbedded Visual C + +, eMbedded Visual Basic projects;
- Find and Replace;
- List of all functions in the file and jumping on them;
- Customizable fonts.

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Comic Reader is a special app to read comic strips on a Pocket PC device.
- Opens zip/cbz and rar/cbr files.
- High Quality image resize. (Text is still readable even when the comic is fit to the screen!)
- Smooth scrolling. (Even on large images.)
- Remembers what comic and page you were on.

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This software gives you a possibility to quickly send contacts from your address book to your buddies.

Some Features:

- Upgrade to VoxNotes, what allows to record voice notes on your device;
- Ability to send voice messages to persons;
- You can send contacts from the address book.


- Android OS.

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