This is another notes app from the series of the Windows Mobile 6.5 Titanium Screen home screen tools. CQuickNotes was designed by Chriscsh from xda-developer. Find more Titanium plugins here. You can rapidly add notes from the home screen with this useful application. Notice, this program cannot save or read the .pwi file.

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CSV Reader is a program for viewing of CSV files (Comma Separated Values). Select the column, criterion and get results.
CSV files can be easily generated using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.
It is possible to transfer image files to CSV, which will be displayed on the screen. “Go” and “Filter” functions were added.
Some smart features were added with the opening of 2-column CSV file. This will be very useful to create a type of dictionaries to display links.

System requirements:
WM5 - WM6.1
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Setup Type: CAB

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This useful software represents the offline Romanian explanatory dictionary, which can be run on Android devices.

You will need to install it to the SD card of your device, because this dictionary requires a lot of free space. This soft is totally free!

You have an opportunity to store the explanation to list file for any word on the SD card for further usage by simple clicking on a word explanation.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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Here is a convenient soft, which works with a method of various handwriting styles recognition. It can convert them to texts.

Key Features:

- Friendly and easy-to-use UI;
- You can write in any point on the screen;
- Characters recognition;
- Fingertip operations;
- You can separate recognition mode and letter mode;
- Symbols, number, mixed character recognition support;
- Gesture recognition support;
- Multi-line recognition feature;
- Auto Corrector;
- App provides Symbol keyboard;
- Unistroke handwriting recognition feature;
- Pen Color and Width support;

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