You can use this program to keep track of your finances. And be able to be synchronized with numerous computers.

Special Features:

• This is a freeware app;
• You can make flexible reports and graphs;
• Permission to access;
• Regular pays;
• Database backup;
• User-friendly interface;
• Numerous accounts support;
• Few kinds of currencies;
• Update currency rates from the web;
• List of categories has a tree look;
• Payments have comments;
• Auto-update function;
• Windows Mobile version is synchronized with PC version.

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Use the Finansist for PDA to track your finances with the ability to synchronize with multiple devices.


Finansist can operate without access to the Internet.

System Requirements:

WM5 - WM6.5

Special Features:

.NET Compact Framework 3.5



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Fizz Bill Now is a simple calculator application for Pocket PC, which is designed for situations when you need to divide the amount into equal shares.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Smartphone
Status: free
Developer: Fizz Software Ltd

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This application keeps track of your block on/off times, take-off/landing times, number of landings and fuel endurance.
Features: * Automatically calculates total airborne and block time in both normal and decimal format. * All times are UTC
Requirements: PocketPC 2003+ Active Sync 3.x+

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FlyteLog is an electronic logbook for pilots for use on the desktop or a mobile device.
Any number of aircraft of any type may be entered and tracked. Moreover, FlyteLog supports any number of airports, passengers and FBOs/owners.
FlyteLog lets you filter your data view on a numerous parameters including date range, aircraft, and much more. An enhanced summary page allows you to quickly view the totals for the current filter.
FlyteLog has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, PocketPC 2003 SE (PocketPC only) and Windows Mobile 2005 (PocketPC and SmartPhone) devices.

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This is Windows Mobile program, which gives you a possibillity to read any E-book.

Main Features:

- ePub (DRM-free), TXT and HTML format support;
- Touch screen devices support;
- Any screen resolution support;
- Landscape and Portrait modes support;
- Settings for fonts, colors and controls;
- App runs on the Windows Mobile 2003, 5, 6 or higher.

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You can have “Freda” app on your mobile phones now. It is a pocket PC software for reading eBooks on Windows Mobile devices.

Thanks to this program you can read txt, html and (DRM-free) ePub files. The program uses two third-party libraries, SharpZipLib and the Majestic-12 HTMLParser library; both are licensed on terms allowing their reorganization for commercial and non-commercial intentions.

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App description:

Here is a decimal calculator, which is inspired by printing calcs. You can see the operations like on a paper roll thanks to the scrolling window.

- fixed point arithmetic;
- rounding;
- tax calculations;
- percentage;
- RPN-like operation mode;
- saving functions;
- ability to send filed via email;
- operations can be edited;
- Android platform.

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