airfagev BT Chat is a full-fledged free Bluetooth chat with icons and emoticons.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Smartphone
Status: free
Developer: Lawrence Patricio

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Now you do not need to spend time looking in the phone menu and select the desired function: you can simply dial a short number with SpeedDial + and the action will be executed.

Now you can perform some action even with one hand and very quickly!
Application SpeedDial + creates a lot of your own speed dial numbers. Using this application you can quickly execute a call, quickly open any application or send SMS.

SpeedDial + provides the following features:

-opens a predefined application
-changes the status of Bluetooth
-creates a shortcut with single key combination

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ZoomBoard is an onscreen keyboard for quick and accurate finger typing on PDAs and communicators with Windows Mobile. Translucent magnifying glass, that appears on the screen and increases the letter under your finger, will help you to avoid errors. Just slide your finger across the keyboard to select the required letter.


- Translucent magnifying glass, which can enlarge the letters on the keyboard by pressing;
- Slide with your finger across the screen instead of the stylus;
- Typing on ZoomBoard can be as fast as on a hardware keyboard .

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Here is a remote control for Windows Media Player or iTunes. It supports basic actions, like play, stop, pause, next, previous, shuffle, repeat, volume control, time bar, etc.

Key Features:

- Various design;
- Playlist manager;
- Equalizer settings (only for iTunes);
- Support for all screen sizes;
- Display of additional information (cover, ID3 infos, lyrics, rating);
- Search ability.

This application was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC.

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This utility is 16/20 QuickLinks and Extended Appointments on HTC Sense.

It was especially made for the HD2 and it brings features like

- 16/20 QuickLinks mod;
- extended appointments view;
- clear view;
- grid view;
- multiline text labels.

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