A.U.R.A. is intended for scanning and recognition of barcodes. Images of barcode from mobile camera device are recognized and converted into a decoded string. In addition, developers offer set of lenses for cameras.

This app was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Smartphone
Status: freeware
Developer: The MSR Community Technologies Group

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Here is the ultimate tool, which allows to track the maintenance, fuel mileage and expenses of your car.

Key Features:

- Vehicle maintenancу and gas mileage tracking;
- Support for various vehicles;
- Search and filter options;
- It can store the details of car;
- Report sheets and charts;
- Different international units support;
- Service reminders are adjustable;
- Data fields assistant for any service or fill-up record.

Special Requirements:

- Android OS 1.5 or higher.

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