This application allows developers of Compact to create demo versions of programs. EasyTrial uses in its work MD5 caching, which allows you to securely protect information and prevent hacking. Also this system provides protection such as AntiCracking, which does not allow to select key. EasyTrial program provides a choice of 4 types of trial versions.

This app was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC
Status: demo version
Developer: Awady Software

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This freeware application gives you a possibility to add Battery and Time to the taskbar.

Its Features:

- App doesn’t requires a lot of memory;
- 0.00 % CPU usage;
- Efficient use of resource;
- Detect settings is automatical;
- Possibility of 12 hour clock;
- DDMM or MMDD date format;
- X position from the left configurable;
- Customized width, height, X/Y position;
- Charging indicator;
- Portrait/Landscape mode adaptation;
- Color, fontsize, background configs;
- Various screen resolution support.

OS: Windows Mobile 5 or higher.

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Here is a calculator of battery capacity. It works by converting of Wh at mAH and mAH at Wh.

This will allow you to compare the batteries with one another, even when the characteristics are listed in various formats.

System requirements:
WM5 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: Eric Morales

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Battery Guard is convenient pocket application that coordinates powering for every extra device on PocketPC machine. Do you want to track what eating battery under control? Then, this application was made for your use.


* customized current power mode for every extra device
* customized powering pattern for every power state of Windows Mobile Professional device
* backup/restore powering pattern
* choice of language (English or Polish)
* assistance of user-defined friendly names of extra devises

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This program is designed to protect files. It encrypts any file that can be accessed from the built-in file manager.

The program protects the information, which is stored on your device. Main purpose is to encrypt the data, make the files unavailable for reading and use specifically.

This program was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: demo version
Developer: SmartphoneWare

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Directions, Local Listings, Maps and other useful features are available for your use on your Windows Mobile device with the help of the latest Microsoft’s application called Bing.

You can find everything with this app, such as find a place where you can go shopping or find local restaurants. You can go to the cinema at your area. This app helps you to buy the tickets! You will know about the weather situation with the local forecasts.

Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.

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