This is an original program for the Android devices, which allows the exchange of voice messages via email. You do not pay for telephone calls in that case! You need only click on the "Record & Send" button, and your message will be recorded and sent to one or more recipients.

Checking of new messages occurs every 15 seconds, when the program is active. It occurs every minute, when Walkie Talkie Push to Talk works in the background. The history of all messages is stored in memory and can be accessed at any time.

Key Features:

- Monthly fees are absent;
- SMS fees are absent;

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This is a calling solution supplier. Program has brought VOIP right into your pocket device, giving you a possibility to make calls from your device without your local minutes usage. And any call is routed via the web on your Wi-Fi/3G/GPRS/EDGE enabled mobile device. When you call using WCell you add nothing to your bill, rather you’ll be keeping a major chunk of it, because your calls can be performed via the Global Network on your Wi-Fi/3G/GPRS/EDGE enabled mobile device.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This program allows to extend the functionality of built-in Windows Mobile Manager Wi-Fi. Program WeFi automatically detects the available access points, shows signal strength and helps the user to select the most suitable. Also WeFi supports integrated chat instant messaging.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: freeware

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Here is a powerful tool for Wi-Fi.

Some Features:

- It indicates the current status of the WiFi;
- App enables or disables WiFi;
- Finger friendly interface;
- It looks good eventually.

This app was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: freeware
Developer: WifiMonster

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Here is a free application for WM devices. It can:

- Specify locations, where you will use WiFi;
- Specify locations, where Bluetooth will be automatically used;
- Specify locations for turned off ringer or vibration;
- It can run some app in specified location;
- Option of autostart on reboot.


- 3g-signal area;
- Windows Mobile OS.

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This useful program called Windows Phones Security Center 1.0 helps you to protect your privacy. You can use it on your pocket Windows Mobile device.

This application performs:

• Deleting of all incoming and answered calls from History;
• Deleting of connected and dialled calls from History;
• Deleting of all received SMS (You read the message and app deletes it after 30 sec);
• Deleting of all created text messages (It takes you 30 sec to mark some SMS as unread to avoid the deleting);

Notice, that messages does not move to Deleted Items folder.

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This ZIP-archiver was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Smartphone
Status: demo version
Developer: Adisasta Software

Key Features:

- Support for all standard WinZip possibilities;
- Support for the viewing, unpacking, adding and deleting files;
- Support for adding to the archive of one or more files;
- Support for the comments of Zip-file;
- Support for AES encryption (128 -, 192 -, 256-bit keys).

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Try this Next Generation Shell for pocket WM devices! This useful app allows you to replace your usual interface of touch screen. You receive a total freedom of choice using this application. It can be your favorite daily assistant, because it has all the features of a task manager, launcher, Today plug-ins.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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