This amazing application works with a method of switching of different screen resolutions. You can switch from WVGA to VGA and WQVGA to QVGA with its help.

It will be very useful, when some game or prog do not work in necessary mode. You must perform soft reboot after the installation.

App Features:

- Switch support for WQVGA QVGA SQQVGA;
- Switch support for WVGA VGA SQVGA.


- Majority of devices with WM 5/6/6.1/6.5 platforms.

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This program allows you to keep any valuable information in absolute safety on your mobile smartphone. From credit card numbers and PIN-codes, bank accounts, login, access password of main server to free email. Anything will be reliably protected from prying eyes thanks to the high secrecy coding, encryption of Symbian DBMS protocol with 256-bit Blowfish algorithm.

The program has the most customizable and easy-to-use interface. In addition, the program allows you to customize your personal SMS server.

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This application from XDA developers is a very easy-to-use, you’ll taste this when you launch it! So, enjoy the features like phone’s shutdown, reset, putting your phone on sleep or turning the device’s screen off.


- All works without any bugs;
- You can use skins;
- Full screen support;
- Command Line;
- Light’s out and Sleep modes;
- You can change the background;
- You can create your own theme, if you are skilled user.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can configure the change of themes for your phone in time, as well as “tie” a specific theme to each of the profiles with the help of this useful app for smartphones called Y-Theme Scheduler from DrJukka. This will not only allow to change the audio scheme of smartphone, but all the graphics.

This software was designed for Symbian 9.x S60
Status: freeware
Developer: Jukka Silvennoinen

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“Zoomer”, is a useful little Pocket PC program, that permits you to re-establish pinch zooming to any EXE on your HTC HD2. You can make possible multi-touch in any application you prefer or put it out of action in selected apps.


- Easy to use.
- Friendly interface.
- High-quality app.

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