1-Calc - Revolutionary New Calculator is a scientific calculator that gives decent quality and appearance. It includes converter with updating online rates, in addition of big number of scientific functions. It also has a converter for various metric systems.

You will rate its great possibilities for configuring, its look and adaptation for your needs.

This software was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: demo version
Developer: OmegaOne Mobile Solutions

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1.fm Radio is a popular service for streaming radio. You can use commercial software to stream the music, but there’s no free solution. Popdog54 has created a html file with 1.fm shortcuts for easy access. The cab file installs the .html file along with a shortcut. Clicking the shortcut should open your default browser. Selecting your station of choice should open the music stream in your default media player.

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This utility is 16/20 QuickLinks and Extended Appointments on HTC Sense.

It was especially made for the HD2 and it brings features like

- 16/20 QuickLinks mod;
- extended appointments view;
- clear view;
- grid view;
- multiline text labels.

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1Liner is an app that gives access to one liners, yo mama jokes, jokes by famous people and Chuck Norris jokes.

Features: user-friendly interface, random jokes so that you read a different joke each time, add jokes, category and favorite jokes, copy and delete, store jokes, support WQVGA, WVGA, VGA and QVGA!

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1Liner is an application, which shows the jokes, anecdotes and funny stories about Chuck Norris.


- Friendly interface;
- Random selection of jokes;
- Adding of jokes by editing a file or updating via menu;
- Update;
- Ability to copy jokes to the clipboard to send via SMS or instant messenger;
- Categories;
- And more.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.1
Screen resolution: QVGA, VGA, WQVGA, WVGA
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: 9khil

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Here is 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Schedule.

Special Requirements:

- HanDBase v.4.x Enhanced or higher.

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