This program allows you to keep any valuable information in absolute safety on your mobile smartphone. From credit card numbers and PIN-codes, bank accounts, login, access password of main server to free email. Anything will be reliably protected from prying eyes thanks to the high secrecy coding, encryption of Symbian DBMS protocol with 256-bit Blowfish algorithm.

The program has the most customizable and easy-to-use interface. In addition, the program allows you to customize your personal SMS server.

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X-plore Smartphone is an advanced file manager for Windows Mobile devices. In contrast to a standard filemanager, it has a built-in viewer of text and graphics, and can create archives and many other functions. This is not a complete list of features of the X-plore filemanager:

- View files and folders in a tree, including hidden and system;
- Built-in features to view text files, image files, HEX-editor;
- Ability to edit the attributes of files and folders;
- Create folders;
- Copy and relocate files and folders;
- Transfer files and folders through the infrared and Bluetooth;

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This is a simple program, which allows to use flash of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 as a flashlight.

The program is intended only for Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 devices!

Installation type: EXE
Developer: trashkalmar

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This application from XDA developers is a very easy-to-use, you’ll taste this when you launch it! So, enjoy the features like phone’s shutdown, reset, putting your phone on sleep or turning the device’s screen off.


- All works without any bugs;
- You can use skins;
- Full screen support;
- Command Line;
- Light’s out and Sleep modes;
- You can change the background;
- You can create your own theme, if you are skilled user.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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The description:

Everyone must have a special application for Xmas holidays.

This nice Symbian application allows you to send the amazing Xmas MMS to your buddies and family.

Just download and you will enjoy a superb animation of an original Xmas scene, such as:

Ancient house is covered with the white snow, deers comes up, and many gifts are dropped down from the clear winter sky...


Special Requirements: Symbian S60 5th Edition.

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