Here is an advanced genealogy app for Android-powered handheld phones. It gives you a possibility to see the contents of gedcom files. It also can view the family tree, individuals and families.

Special Requirements:

- OI About;
- OI File Manager;
- Android OS.

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Try this new notes application called AgileNotes on your pocket Windows Mobile device. You will like it even for its nice finger friendly interface for the menu.

This application has two main “displays” like Editor and File Manager. The main app’s component is the Editor. You can edit the text, change fonts, color, strikeout, etc. with this “display”. You can perform next operations with File Manager for folders and files: Copy/Paste/Cut, Create folder, Rename and Delete.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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AgileNotes 3.0 Touch is an advanced app for note taking and text editing for Windows Mobile.

Main features are: Finger oriented touch interface, Text format tools (style and color) with current word autoselection, PWI, RTF and TXT files support, Embedded file manager with basic file operations support, WVGA and VGA support, WM5 (*), WM 6, WM 6.1 support

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